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We are very pleased to announce that the next company will share the same ambitions as Diego.

Welcome to !

Marc delivers a cocktail from 30years of Experience & years of non stop education inside the knowledge of Sport Science!

Triathlon is a complex and intriguing sport. It is not just swimming, cycling and then running, no matter if for a short or longer time. Triathlon is much more: a complex interaction between its three disciplines in training and racing; physical preparation; nutrition; equipments; technique etc. And… success in a race heavily depends on efforts and commitment put in in the weeks and months before.

Many of us are keen to take up the challenge: tackling a first triathlon. Then a longer one. And in the end, maybe the „iron“ distance. But… how to get there? How to structure and prioritise your efforts? What will be the impact on your job? On your family and social life? And last but not least on your body and mind? Lots of questions, even more answers – usually triggering other questions. Lots of information available nowadays – but how to distill it and retain what is important and relevant for you?

In triathlon, nothing is impossible. If you are motivated, committed and set reachable and measurable goals, any triathlon challenge is positively possible, regardless of age, experience or any other factor!  But … how to get there?

TRINOW may provide an answer to that question. TRINOW is the coaching approach designed by a triathlete for other triathletes, including future ones. Starting from a concrete target, discussed and agreed with the coach, TRINOW’s tailored training plans and one-on-one coaching offer everything you need to lead you to your desired end results. Based on our own experience, our plans take full stock of your busy lifestyle, job and other constraints. Preparing for a race should be a pleasure, not an endless stress!

Working with a coach in mutual trust and who „is always with you“ takes away a lot of potential issues and unwanted stress in the preparation for a triatlon race.

If you want to take up that challenge, get in touch with us via E-Mail, FB or mobile. Try it now – trust in your own capabilities and talents. TRINOW!

Welcome TRINOW in the team !

Marc D'hooge 

20, rue Chingiz t. Aitmatov 

L-1161 Luxembourg 


+352 621 21 40 06 








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